Vitals care hacks for an effortless period

Vitals are reusable undies designed specially to absorb your flow. They are built in with a gusset that absorbs, retains and keeps you leak-free even during a heavy flow. The most exciting part? You do not need to wear any pads or tampons when you have Vitals on. Just pick a style suitable for your flow, wear them and you are good to do.

Vitals come in 6 different styles to choose from with a range of styles for heavy flow (absorbs 40mls) and medium flow (absorbs 25mls). They are discreet and look exactly like your next favourite pair of undies.

Vitals should last you atleast 2 years and more with proper care.
Here's a guide to use and care for them 🌸

1. Wear - Rinse - Wash.

Once you are ready for a change into your next pair of Vitals, just rinse the used pair until water runs clear. Rinsing takes off most of the blood/urine in the undies. Add the rinsed pairs to a mesh bag and throw in with your normal laundry for a wash.

If you are likely to wait long for your next laundry cycle, then just dry your rinsed undies on a heated towel rack or in a dry spot with your gusset facing outwards. Repeat this with all your undies until your cycle is finished and put them all together for a wash. Piling up wet laundry can cause odour so it's best to you dry your Vitals if your laundry cycle needs waiting.


2. Air or Line dry later

It's best to air dry in sunshine after washing. Tumble drying is a big NO for period undies because this can damage the leakproof layer and make them inefficient.


3.Β Tips for the gloomy wet days

When weather calls for it, you can dry your wet Vitals on a heated towel rack. Just remember to turn the gusset outwards. No towel racks? No problem. Hang them anywhere ( hot water cupboards, next to your indoor fire place ) so they get the indirect heat. It's important they do not get heat over 60Β°C


4. Strip cleaning (optional)Β 

This is an entirely optional step. Soak wash your undies every once in a few months to remove any product buildup and make them soft again. For a load of 6‑7 undies, add a tbsp of biodegradable detergent ( we use earthwise ) and a tbsp of sodium percarbonate (oxi clean, you can find this at any bulk store) and let your undies soak for a few hours in a laundry sink or one of our portable laundry washer bags. Squeeze, rinse with fresh water and repeat the Step 2.

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