Are periods and moon phases linked?

The quick answer is a no, scientifically. But read the whole article as we dissect the topic better.

Using the Moon as a guide:

Long before watches were invented, the moon and the skies were used for navigation. The meticulous precision of the movements of these astronomical objects like the moon has been fabulous to understand seasons and festivals in many cultures.

Our satellite, the moon and our star, the sun are all held within the strong mesh of gravitational force (proven by the science). The moon phases (full moon, waxing moon, new moon etc) we observe are merely the outcome of this play of shadow and light of the sun and moon which are still influenced by the law of attraction and gravitation.

Well, my point is we are tiny people compared to heavenly bodies, and we are constantly influenced by the forces of these magnificent astronomical objects. Moon phases happen due to our closest object Moon and the biggest object sun, this monthly celestial event we can witness has a significant biological effect our mind and body (at least I believe so).

Moon Phases and Periods:

The more I reflected on this I reckoned if moon phases were so significant and vital for our ancestors to understand time, why can’t we use our cycle as a compass to navigate how we approach our cycle. Moon Phases and Periods have a few things in common, they come along with their own share of shifts and changes.

Aside from all its witchy mystic connotations, the moon cycle lasts around 29 days, which is roughly the same period it takes to complete a whole menstrual cycle for many of us. It's not scientifically proven that moon phases can influence your ovaries, but it is a fact that if you a regular bleeder and you bleed during a full moon, your next cycle will likely fall during a full moon too.

No matter your cycle length you can still use your period as a reflection to address changes that need to be made and those that need to be planted. Here's something on how to understand and work with your body during periods.

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Words by Makanaka and Sonika