Sleek Red - Medium Flow
Briefs - Medium Flow - Vitals
Briefs - Medium Flow - Vitals
Briefs - Medium Flow - Vitals
Briefs - Medium Flow - Vitals
Sleek Red - Medium Flow

Sleek Red

Medium Flow

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Vitals are machine washable and can only be used in a dryer at low temperatures. Using a laundry bag when washing or drying in machines extends Vitals life further.

Step 1 - Rinse after use with cold water until water runs clear. The best time to change and rinse used pairs is in the shower.

Step 2 - You can choose to hand wash or machine wash your rinsed undies: Hand washing - wash immediately with a mild soap. Machine washing - pop rinsed period undies into a laundry mesh bag and machine wash at cold temperature.

Step 3 - Air dry later. 

Top Tip: On cold and wet days when air drying is not an option, you can dry washed undies on a heated towel rails or hang them by indirect heat. DO NOT use a fabric softeners, chemical bleach, iron or a tumble dryer at high temperatures (>40°C) as this can burn the leak proof layer and damage the natural fabrics of Vitals.

  • Body: Bamboo Jersey
  • Gussets: High Grade Cotton Jersey
  • Trims/ Accessories/ Blend: Eco-PU (synthetic-neutral)


Natural Materials
We choose unblended, pure natural fibers where we can. Our leakproof range consists of 100% natural absorbency gussets and 95% natural body contents. Our pure cotton range consists of 100% organic cotton and natural rubber derived from natural farming in South India. We do not use crude oil derived synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester except for our trims which account to 5% of the total product volume and are offset with our synthetic neutrality scheme. All our fabrics are certified by OEKO TEX.

Synthetic Neutral
24 in 25 parts of Vitals are made from natural materials. We offset the essential synthetics we use in our product trims and operations by offsetting thrice of this volume by funding costal recycling projects through The Plastic Bank.

Our underwear comes naked with hangtags in compostable courier bags. Packs will be wrapped in acid-free recyclable tissue paper. Do not yank or pull the hangtags on the underwear, this may cause damage

We have made it easier for you. Skip the tape and choose the same size as your best fitting undies.

All our styles are close to the standard brief sizing but the fit may vary due to body type, please check the popular suggestions by our users below.

Shopping for a teen? Here's a comparison of our sizes to regular teen sizes.

Teen Size (AU/NZ) Vitals Size
10-12 6 / XS
12-14 8 / S
14-16 10 / M
16-18 12 / L

Beloved Sleek briefs now in earthy red shade! Essentials that can be used for medium flow discharge, light swims and light bladder leakages. Styled with a no-dig soft bamboo waistband and a cheeky fit.

Style: Low rise and cheeky. High front and full back leakproof absorbency coverage.

Absorbency:  Perfect for medium flow. Absorbs 25 mls or 3 super tampons or 4-5 regular tampons worth of flow.

Suitable for: Medium period discharge, light bladder leakage and light swimming.

Facts: We do not use animal derived fabrics like Merino wool or crude oil derived synthetics like Microfiber, Nylon, Polyester or Polar fleece in our absorbency cores as these fabrics are associated to cause poor odour and rashes. 

Leakproof wear that delivers more that you expect.

Incredibly comfortable.

Cosy cuts and fabrics made to feel like second skin.

Soft waistbands.

Bands that hug you right and move with you.

Light and breathable.

Lighweight, leakproof yet fully breathable.

Renewable fabrics.

Made from natural materials like bamboo and cotton.

Super Absorbent.

Vitals are built in with moisture wicking natural fabrics that are fast absorbing to keep you leakproof all day long.

Leakproof and lean all the way.

Built to be leakproof from end to end, Vitals keeps you away from leaks from all sides. Lean, breathable and made to make you feel extra comfortable on all days.

Multi-purpose protection for all.

Vitals are trusted by kiwis of all ages for periods, postpartum, incontinence, bladder/bowel related illnesses and rest-cure.

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