Maternity & Postpartum 

Stretchy and Comfy

With credits to their bamboo body, all Vitals are stretchy, comfy and sit where you want them to. We use only breathable materials for all your comfort.

Incontinence proof

All our styles are built to take bladder leakages. Our medium flow range are great for light leaks while our heavy flow range can take >40 mls of flow.

Extended absorbency

With a variety of styles and absorbency coverage, we have something to suit your style and flow. 

Size chart

Don't have a tape? Choose the same size as your best fitting undies.
All our styles run close to the standard brief sizing. 

US SizeAU/NZ sizeHip (cm)
26 / XS83-87
48 / S91-95
610 / M98-102
12 / L105-109
1014 / XL111-115
1216 / 2XL118-122
1418 / 3XL125-129
1620 / 4XL132-136
22 / 5XL139-143
24 / 6XL146-150

Style breakdown

Bikini40 mls
Sleek25 mls
Cheekini40 mls
Hipster40 mls
Classic25 mls
High Waist40 mls


1. What's the best range during pregnancy?

Generally there is mild discharge or incontinence during pregnancy . So medium flow range is great! noth our Classics and Sleek are great for medium vaginal discharge or light bladder leaks. Classics are our full brief style and Sleeks are our bikini style. Both styles are stretchy and sit where you want them to.  Size up accordingly to make space for your baby bump!

2. What's the best range for heavy postpartum bleeding?

All our heavy flow styles are suitable to take 40mls of flow. For heavier flow, team them up with our cloth pads for extra
absorbency, so you can have lesser changes between the day.

3. Bladder Leaks and Incontinence

Choose our medium flow range for light leaks or choose our heavy flow range for heavier leaks. Team them up with our cloth pads for extra absorbency. Please note that Vitals are not suitable for people with complete loss of bladder control.

Materials & Durability

Materials: Bamboo Jersey(body) ; Cotton Jersey (gussets) ; VitalX™ (all natural blend core for heavy flow underwear); Eco-PU* (Trims). *Synthetic neutral by funding recycling and cleanup projects.

We do not use synthetic cores like polar and microfleece. More than 95% of our materials are natural fibres for extra breathability and comfort. Vitals lasts you a minimum of two years and more with proper care.

How do they work?

Leakproof underwear also go by the names period underwear, incontinence underwear. Vitals is an unconventional product the modern times offer. We paired comfort and style with ground-breaking absorbent yet breathable tech to keep your southern regions fresh and dry around the clock. Cherry on top? They are washable and reusable for more than two years with proper care. 

Here's how they work:  Vitals comes with a built in gusset that absorb, wick and retain your flow. Think of a layered sandwich panel of natural, breathable fabrics bound together with a leak-resistant backing. The absorbency coverage varies from styles, but all our styles are leakproof all the way till the waistband and till the public bone or all the way in the front. 

1. Absorption - Top Layer

Soft, natural fibres against your skin draw moisture away, meaning you’ll feel dry and comfortable.

2. Retention - Core

High-grade absorbent core to wick and hold even a heavy flow.

3.Leak Resistance - Backing

Leak-proof layer to lock in any excess moisture.

4.Bamboo - Body

Bamboo layer to lock in all the fabrics, making the underwear look seamless, just like your usual briefs

Postpartum favourites

Maternity favourites

Best flow companions



Add 6 pairs and more,
get 10% off at check-out. 

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Who are we?

We’re a New Zealand company on a mission to bring exceptional reusable products for all your leaks. We totally get the leak horror stories - we’ve had our fair share of them too. That’s why we put our heart and soul into creating Vitals. Whether you’re making the switch to reusables to save money, reduce waste or simply go through your day in comfort, we’re here to support you.