About Us | Vitals – Vitals Period Undies
"As a girl gifted with unpredictable bleeding abilities (thanks to PCOD), there was a paradigm shift in my womanhood when I put on one of the first undies we created. It wasn't the best then, but it just worked. So many passionate people worked behind the scenes to survey, test and rate all the samples we created to help bring Vitals to life.

We have finally created what we dreamt for Vitals, The comfiest pair of period undies that you would love.

Many menstruating humans still struggle with leak anxiety, health hazards like toxic shock syndrome and yeast infections and general discomfort due to disposable commercial products. I was one of them. Just imagining that a pair Vitals could save so much waste from polluting our environment and still keep someone conquering their every day without discomfort, warms my heart and drives us at Vitals." 

- Sonika, Founder

"What makes Vitals unique?"

We are true to our word.
No toxins. No chemicals. No more leak accidents. 

Just some natural fabrics weaved well to
absorb your flow while you keep conquering.

"Where does Vitals live?"

We live-work-play from Auckland, New Zealand.
 We have our reach growing slowly
 but very surely to other places.

"Where are Vitals made?"

Vitals are now born in China and India.
But they are truly raised to be global 💕

"How are the working conditions in Vitals factories?"

All our supply is run and done by women. We have visited all our factories before finalizing our partnerships, so we get what we see. The working conditions in all our factories are clean and spacious. Our suppliers in China operate in remote South China town providing work to locals with a well equipped and safe environment.  Our Indian suppliers have the most spacious factory with two food breaks and a lovely garden. It definitely pleased us, email us for some pictures during our visits.

"Are Vitals safe ?"

All our fabrics are certified Standard 100 by OEKO TEX which is safe for human and ecological use. We love natural fabrics and will keep introducing various variants that are safe and ecofriendly.