A bit about us

Periods are real. So are landfills overflowing with single-use period waste. That’s why we made reusable period pants that look good, work good and do good. We believed life happens, but leakages don’t have to. Our goal was humble, make a range of reusable period products that will revolutionize lady times with no waste. That’s how Vitals was born. Our period undies designed to keep you looking and feeling lit even on the cramp-iest of days. We’re a New Zealand company on a mission to help menstruating people embrace their bodies and farewell the painful, embarrassing stories that come with our cycle..

Your period doesn’t have to be daunting, and period undies don’t have to be uncomfortable. Whether you’re making the switch to reusables to save money, reduce waste or simply go through your cycle in comfort, we’re here to support you.

Spill Love not Shade
  • We understand the effects modern farming and garment industry has on our planet, and we are here to take charge of our possible impact. We are donating 2% of our total profits to Rainforest Action Network, an NGO that works to protect our rainforests. Rainforests play a vital role in the earth's ecosystem. They are also home to rich and ancient biodiversity. 

  • The net volume of synthetics (poly-mix) used in our products are up to 5%. The rest 95% makes up to be natural fabrics like bamboo and cotton. It includes trims, leakproof layer and waist band. We make up for the synthetics used in our product + packaging tape etc by supporting ocean cleanup projects. Last year we helped recycle 300 kg of plastic with Plastic Collective. This year we are supporting Plastic Bank’s collectors by pledging to recycle at least 1000 kg of plastic.