Care Guide

  • Wear solo or team up with your other period products.
  • Rinse after use with cold water until water runs clear. 
  • Cold wash in machine or by hand with detergent.
  • Air dry in the sunshine is best.

On cold and wet days, these are safe options to dry:

  • 1. Dry on lowest line of heated towel rails. Turn the underwear inside out so the body faces the hot rail and the gusset faces out. Hang by the waist band so there's little to no effect on the main gusset. 
  • 2. Dry the underwear in one of the racks in a hot water cupboard. 

Do not use fabric softeners, bleach, iron or tumble dryer. They can lead to burning the leak proof layer or damaging the natural absorbency fabrics in the body and gusset of Vitals.