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What can Vitals period undies do?  

Vitals undies and periods make a great team. Shielded with the best leak proof finish, it absorbs your period flow with ease. You wear them like your regular undies-Double wash with cold water-Air dry them before using them again.

How much flow can they actually hold? 

Vitals can hold up to 3 regular tampons worth. Some ladies say they hold a bit more than that, its safe to say they can perfectly work solo on your medium-heavy days.

Do I need to wear it with a pad/tampon? 

You decide! If your flow is very heavy, you can choose to team it up with other products. You can also wear them solo and change into a new pair when you need to. 

How many undies do I need to cover my period with period underwears?

A set of 5 should be able to cover a 5-7 day cycle.

How often do I need to wash my Vitals undies?

It's best to rinse them right after you use. You can follow it with a hand wash or machine wash with a gentle detergent after a rinse.

Can I use Vitals period undies for Bladder leakage or Postpartum discharge?

Yes you can! Remember that period undies are capable to take only light bladder leakages tho. Like one of those accidental leaks after a big sneeze. 

Can my discharge bleach the undies?
Yes and it's normal. Vaginal discharge is usually acidic. If your discharge is too acidic, undies do get bleached. A quick tip is to avoid wearing undies for longer than 24 hours when menstruating. Stay hydrated to keep your body's pH normal. They still work the same if they get bleached.

What are the materials used ?

Bamboo, Cotton and Eco-PU. Check out Our Materials for more info.

Do Vitals undies have any toxic chemicals or coatings?

Definitely not. We have used a different variety in PU as our leak proof barrier. It's different from PUL which is subjugated to lot more toxic chemical processing. Our materials are certified by OEKO-TEX with Standard 100 which states to be the best labels for human-ecological use.

What's the best way to keep my undies fresh like new?

There shouldn't any odour after a good wash. But if you like your undies smelling like roses, try this. Add some baking soda, few drops of essential oils and soak wash them in cold water. Works great!

Where are Vitals made? What are the working conditions like?

Scroll down the information HERE

Hygiene - Safety

Is bleeding through an underwear hygienic?

Absolutely! All the materials used in Vitals are breathable, so there is never going to be any bacteria accumulation after a good wash whatsoever. It is incomparably safer than bleeding through synthetic coated pads and tampons. 

Any unpleasant odours using Vitals undies?

No, it just smells like YOU as there are no synthetic fragrances coated on the undies. 

All the materials are breathable, hence there will be no odours after a good wash and dry.

Do the undies irritate my skin?

No they wont! All the materials used are breathable and plant-based wherever your skin touches.

How to deal with clots when wearing undies?

Just wipe them off with a toilet paper and its all good.

Are there any toxins in Vital period undies?

No. We have ensured to take good material decisions. Our leak proof barrier is certified Standard 100 by OEKO TEX. Absolutely safe as per human and ecological concerns. Rest all materials are natural and plant based. 

What is being 'Synthetic Neutral'?

We have chosen to offset our non-negotiable synthetics used in manufacturing and operations. This means we recycle thrice the amount we use by funding recycling projects in less abled coastal regions where its needed the most. Email us at team@hervitals.co.nz if you would like to know more. 

Sizing - Styles

What's the difference between Sleek and Classic?

Classic is our full brief with a fuller coverage on bum and a higher waist. It's designed for comfort. Vitals is our cheeky brief with a semi coverage on bum and lower waist. It's designed for fit. Both have same absorbency and same materials.

What's a Vitals Fresh n Dry bag?

Our Fresh n Dry bag lets you carry used and fresh underwear in one single bag. 
Store your fresh undies in the breathable cotton pouch at the back.Store your used ones in the leak and odour proof pouch in the front.

Each bag is designed to carry 3-4 undies at a time. 


Interested to sell Vitals at your store?

We are opening our stock list in May to offline stores only. If this interests you,

please mail us to team@hervitals.co.nz for further discussion. 

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