How do they work?

So How do Vitals Period Undies work?

Think of these undies as a layered sandwich of fabrics. They are bound together with modern leak resistant finish that makes it unique from your regular pair of underwear. These are the fabrics inside the Vitals undies with 1st layer being the innermost layer and the 4th being the outermost. 

1. Absorption

Soft cotton right next to your skin. Draws away moisture while keeping your skin dry and safe.

2. Retention

High grade core to help absorb more flow. 

3. Leak-barrier

Breathable Eco PU keeps all the flow intact making it leak proof from within.

3. Dreamy-body

Luxurious bamboo body keep your bottoms breathing and dwell in comfort.

Why we pitch for a period underwear


Vitals period undies are made from plant-based materials which are breathable and natural.


Unlike commercially available disposable products, our undies are not coated with synthetic fragrances or toxic carcinogenic materials. Because you bleed through high grade cotton, there are no risks of infections or shock syndromes.


A set of 5 period undies can save up to 450

 regular pads/tampons in two years from landfill.   

An average woman uses approx. up to 14,000 disposable period products in her lifetime. It takes 500 years for a synthetic pad to break down in soil and more time in oceans. This makes period waste the fifth most found product polluting oceans.


Undies are 110% more comfortable than 

dealing with pads or tampons. 


That's what we heard from most of our ladies. So we believe it be true?!


Well cared Vitals period undies is an investment

 that last you a minimum of 2 years. 


If you care for them with love, they should last you longer than you think. 

Flow Free. Meet Vitals.