How do Vitals Period Undies work?

We’re pairing comfort and style with fabric technology to keep you fresh and dry around the clock. These handy helpers will keep you covered through all your thick and thins!

A layered sandwich of fabrics are bound together with the latest leak-resistant finish. The slim, absorbent gusset covers right up the back of your underwear, holding an impressive 3-5 super tampons worth of flow!

We’ve carefully designed Vitals to ensure the very best in:

  1. Absorption
    Soft, natural fibres against your skin draw moisture away, meaning you’ll feel dry and comfortable.

  2. Retention
    High-grade absorbent core to hold even a heavy flow

  3. Leak-Resistance
    Leak-proof layer to forever farewell those embarrassing spill stories

  4. Breathable Fabrics
    Fresh, clean and healthy - our breathable fabrics ensure you’re comfortable and dry.

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