Guide to Vitals Period Underwear

DO NOT use Fabric Softeners, Bleach, Iron or Tumble dryer. 
Machine wash only in a cold setting. Use a mesh/laundry bag while washing Vitals for longer life.

How do Vitals Period Undies work?

We’re pairing comfort and style with ground-breaking, absorbent technology to keep you fresh and dry around the clock. These handy helpers will keep you covered for up to two years if you love them as you should!

A layered sandwich of fabrics are bound together with the latest leak-resistant finish. The slim, absorbent gusset covers right up the back of your underwear, holding an impressive 3-5 super tampons worth of flow!

We’ve carefully designed Vitals to ensure the very best in:

  1. Absorption
    Soft, natural fibres against your skin draw moisture away, meaning you’ll feel dry and comfortable.

  2. Retention
    High-grade absorbent core to hold even a heavy flow

  3. Leak-Resistance
    Leak-proof layer to forever farewell those embarrassing spill stories

  4. Breathable Fabrics
    Fresh, clean and healthy - our breathable fabrics ensure you’re comfortable and dry.

For more information on materials, please refer to the 'materials' tab
under the product pages or check the garment label.