Leak Proof Terms


To ensure the guarantee applies to the rightful, any customer claiming on this guarantee should be submitting the following. 


 1. The guarantee is only applicable to leaks from the gusset center and back. Not applicable for leakage from seams or front. That's because each body bleeds differently and this does not reflect the product defect when the flow is gushy or heavy during the first 30 days. 

2. A picture of the leak on your clothes. Every body has a different flow and a different way to bleed. Vitals have been tested to take 3-4 tampons worth only (25mls)The leak should be significant covering a minimum area of the tip of your little finger. Please mind that the guarantee cannot be claimed for leaks on your Vitals underwear. The only way we can verify the leaks is through the leaks on your bottoms/sheets and not the underwear itself) 


 2. Provide your order number in the mail. Only orders within the first 30 days are eligible.


 3. Refund/Exchange. Customer is eligible to claim a full refund or get Vitals store credit.


 4. The default undies need to be shipped to our office for a check. Shipping cost is claimable only if all the above criteria are met.Please email us at team@hervitals.co.nz for further queries.