Moisture wicking

Pure Cotton Casuals

Fully breathable underwear made from 100% pure cotton and natural rubber waistband. Ultra comfortable, stretchy and moisture wicking.

Our casuals are made to keep you dry from sweat and everyday discharges. Made from pure ribbed organic cotton that is biodegradable after life.

Casuals Packs

Briefs Cotton Casuals - 4 Pack
Briefs Cotton Casuals - 4 Pack

Briefs Cotton Casuals

4 Pack

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This four pack features our 100% cotton undies in all four colours. Ultra stretchy with its ribbed body and natural rubber elastic. Moisture wicking, designed to keep you dry from sweat.

Materials: 100% organic cotton, natural rubber elastic

Pack size: 4 pack

Included styles: Full coverage mid & low rise briefs

Features: Knitted gusset that wicks away sweat and everyday discharge

End of life: Home compostable and biodegradable 

Disclaimer: Due to high demand and limited stock, you may receive a mix of colours or same colour sets in your 4-pack


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