Beach date pack - Vitals Period Undies

Beach date pack

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This pack includes a twin pack of our medium flow undies along with a travel wash bag. 
Travel wash bag is great to carry your wet undies after a swim or effortlessly wash small loads wherever you are.


Natural Materials
95% of our body contents and 100% of our absorbency gussets are made from natural materials. We do not use synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester except for our trims which account to 5% of the total product volume. All our fabrics are certified safe by OEKO TEX for human use. We use bamboo (one of the fastest growing plants) and cotton as our star materials.

We understand the effects of the modern farming and garment industry has on our planet, and we are here to take charge of our possible impact. We are donating 2% of our total profits to Rainforest Action Network, an NGO that works to preserve our rainforests which are essential to our planet's health and are home to rich and ancient biodiversity. 

Synthetic Neutral
The net volume of synthetics (poly-mix) used in our products is up to 5%. It includes our trims, leakproof layer and waist band. We make up for the synthetics used in our product and operations by supporting ocean cleanup projects. Last year we helped recycle 300 kg of plastic with Plastic Collective. This year we are supporting Plastic Bank’s collectors by pledging to recycle at least 1000 kg of plastic. 

We use very minimal and basic packaging on all our products. Our underwear just come with hangtags and are wrapped in kraft paper fill. Packs will either be sent in boxes or straw backed paper courier bags. Everything is recyclable or compostable. We try to limit the use of PLA based courier bags unless some orders call for it. PLA bags are home compostable (if composted).