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Custom build a period set by picking styles and sizes of your choice. Gift yourself a full set for a cycle or share some with your loved ones.

Buy 4 pairs to get 10% off
Buy 6 pairs to get 10% off + a free bag

Vitals Sleek period undie is cheeky and fitted. Lower rise fit with no-dig waistband makes it perfect to carry under any outfit.

HINT: If you usually wear a size 12, choose a size 14 in Sleek

Great for low rise lovers
✨ Front Bleeder Friendly
 Perfect for Medium-Heavy Flow
 Plant-Based Materials 
Period Proof on Land and Water

Vitals Classic period undie is full and cosy. Medium rise fit with full bum coverage makes it as comfy as your bed.

HINT: If you usually wear a size 12, choose a size 10-12 in Classic

Minimal Seams
✨ Front Bleeder Friendly
 Perfect for Medium-Heavy Flow
 Plant-Based Materials 
Period Proof on Land and Water

Gamechanger that holds your fresh and used undies in separate pouches. Keeps your used undies odour/leak-free and unused ones fresh. 

Please note that the product will not show up at the checkout, but will be shipped directly with your order.

What's Inside Vitals

Outer - 95% Bamboo, 5% Elastene

Gusset - 95% Cotton, 5% Elastene

Trims - Eco-PU (Synthetic Neutral) 

How to use

Wear solo or team up with your other period wear

Rinse after use with cold water until water runs clear

Cold-wash in machine or by hand with detergent

Air dry is best

Care Instructions

Rinse/machine wash in cold water

Air-Dry is best

Tumble dry at no/low heat setting only

DO NOT USE (fabrics softner, iron or bleach)

Flow Capacity 

Absorbs up to 3 regular tampons or pads worth, that's 25 ml with ease. Perfect to wear solo on heavy days or overnight protection. This is what our customers suggest on how often to change*
- All night protection even on heavy days.

Heavy Days - Every 6-8 hours

Moderate Days - 10-12 hours 

Light Days - 24 hours
*This completely depends on your flow, because every body bleeds different :) 

Packaging Info

100% Recyclable or Compostable Packaging


Stuff you would like to know

Do I need to wear it with a pad/tampon? 

We recommend to go solo and bleed free. If your flow is very heavy, you can choose to team it up with other products like cups (or tampons - if you prefer). You can wear them over your pads but it's extra bulk you don't need

How many undies do I need to cover my period with period undies?

A set of 6 undies is a safe say to last through a 5 day period for a medium-heavy bleeder. 

How often do I need to change my Vitals undies?

That depends on your flow. Check out our Flow Calculator to know how many undies you would need in a day. 

Can I use Vitals period undies for Bladder leakage or Postpartum discharge?

Yes you can! Remember that period undies are capable to take only light bladder leakages tho. Like one of those accidental leaks after a big sneeze. 

Is bleeding through an underwear hygienic?

Absolutely! All the materials used in Vitals are breathable, so there is never going to be any bacteria accumulation after a good wash whatsoever. It is incomparably safer than bleeding through synthetic coated pads and tampons. 

Any unpleasant odours using Vitals undies?

No, it just smells like YOU as there are no synthetic fragrances coated on the undies. 

Do the undies irritate my skin?

No they wont! All the materials used are breathable and plant-based wherever your skin touches.

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