Fluid Bomb - Intimate Moisturiser – Vitals Period Undies
Fluid Bomb - Intimate Moisturiser - Vitals-Period-Undies-NZ
Natural moisturising gel for down there because vaginal dryness is a reality. 

Fluid Bomb is pH balanced water-based serum with natural astringents like tea tree, lavender and witch hazel. Hyaluronic serum helps to retain the hydration of Fluid Bomb to keep your inner walls well lubricated and moist.

Unscented, Cooling and free from any oils, alcohol or parabens. 
*Cooling, anti fungal and hydrating
*Natural ingredients
*pH balanced

What's Inside

Hyaluronic serum, Distilled extracts of Lavender, Tea tree, Neroli and Witch Hazel. 
Contains <0.5% mix of Xanthan gum, turmeric and natural preservatives. 

How to use

Apply a dime sized portion to the inner labia and vagina with clean, dry fingers. 

Please note this is for self-use and not a lube.

Quantity and Packaging

50 ml serum in a glass bottle

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