Cloth Pads - Twin pack - Vitals Period Undies

Cloth Pads - Twin pack

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Vitals cloth pads are made from softest organic Indian cotton with a cotton backing that helps keep them in place. Built with 8 layers overall, Vitals cloth pads can take heavy flows of 40 mls and more. Best suited for incontinence and postpartum support. 

Materials: High grade organic cotton jersey and Eco-PU (check our environmental standards below to know further)

Size: 290mm (length) x 240mm (wing- wing width) 

Absorbency: Perfect for heavy flow. 40 mls and more. 

Suitable for: Incontinence, postpartum and heavy periods.

Top tip 1 : Clip the wings behind your underwear and wear another thin underwear on top. This helps keep the pad in place and minimize moving. 

Top tip 2: For incontinence and heavy postpartum discharge, use the pads along with Vitals period undies to reduce the number of changes between the day. Just change the pads after leakage and get on with your day.