Travel Wash Bag – Vitals Period Undies
Travel Wash Bag - Vitals-Period-Undies-NZ
Clean dirty laundry fast no matter where you are. Wash away scrubs or small loads efficiently with less water and no power.  Just Soak-Shake-Dry for fresh laundry. Double it up as a dry sack to store your wet stuff or use it as a pillow bag by blowing air through the air valve to store delicate items.

What's inside?

Fabric - Durable TPU coated Nylon that can last a lifetime.

Synthetic Neutral - We fund recycling projects in places that need it the most.
We recycle equivalent to more than 5x the volume of synthetics used in the products, packaging and operations.


Height 49cm x Width 20cm. Volume capacity of 10L

How to use as a wash bag?

1.  Add clothes, water and detergent into bag.

2. Roll the top down and clip.

3. Leave to soak.

4. Shake. Deflate from drain valve. 

5. Dry your clothes.

6. Reverse the bag to let it dry. 

Other functionalities

  • Use as a dry sack to protect your gear.
  • Fill air via the blow valve to store fragile items.

Care Instructions

Do not store sharp objects in the bag.
Fill with only cold-lukewarm water. Keep away from hot water.

Packaging Info

100% Recyclable Paper Packaging


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