Using Vitals leakproof range for Incontinence

Reusable and washable underwear for incontinence and bladder leaks. Comfortably cuts all your leak anxieties from the first wear.

Stretchy and Comfy like second skin!

Vitals are stretchy, comfy and sit where you want them to. Breathable materials for absorbency with extra comfort.

Incontinence proof

All Vitals are built to take bladder leakages. Our medium flow range is great for light leaks while our heavy flow range can take 40 mls of flow, suitable for urinary incontinence and bowel incontinence support.

Extended absorbency

With a variety of styles and absorbency coverage with optimal and full length leak proof support, we have something to suit your style and flow.


Which styles are the best for light bladder leaks?

We suggest going for our medium flow range - Sleek or Classic. These styles are quite slim and pass as your everyday underwear.

Which styles are the best for urinary incontinence?

If you would need more support than the medium flow range can offer, we suggest going for any styles from our heavy flow range.  Full brief styles come with full leak proof coverage styles like the Hipster, Shorts and the High waist. Our heavy flow Bikini and Cheekini are low waisted and have optimal front leak proof coverage and full back coverage. 

Which styles are the best for bowel incontinence?

All our styles have full leak proof coverage at the back. Choose the absorbency level as per your need. Vitals are suitable for mild incontinence or for people with weak bladder/bowel control.

Are Vitals good for people with no bladder control?

Vitals are only suitable for mild incontinence or for people with weak bladder/bowel control. They are not recommended as a full solution for people with no bladder/bowel control. However, they can be used for support along with other products for staying leakproof.

What’s the wash routine? 

For incontinence, we suggest you hand wash the underwear’s gusset right after use. Use mild soap, rub the fabric together and wash. Hang-dry or machine wash later.

How to change during activities? 

We have designed two bags that make your routine easier at any instance. Our Fresh n Dry bag supports changing used undies anywhere. It is built in with separate odour-proof pouches to store used and fresh undies anywhere.

Change anywhere with our Fresh n Dry bag

We also designed a Portable Load washer to support washing undies during camping, hiking or anywhere else. Our washer bag doesn’t need electricity or excess water. Just Soak-Shake-Squeeze after adding used undies into the bag with some water and soap. Repeat the cycle with fresh water and dry!

Travel friendly wash bag to do laundry anywhere!

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