A brief guide to swim in Vitals

Yes, you can totally swim in all Vitals Medium flow styles. The Classic brief and Sleek bikini styles are perfect to swim in because they are built in with thin and breathable (but absorbent) layers which catch your flow when you need it. 

Before you jump into a pool for a swim, here are five things you should know:


1. Swimming during periods 

Fact: You need protection to manage the gush of flow once out of water.

Your flow is halted or insignificant when you are immersed in water, solely a phenomenon of buoyancy. The flow will return or gush out once you are out of the water, that's when you need Vitals for the actual protection.

2. Why Vitals period undies while swimming?

Fact: Breathability but with no bulk.

Vitals Originals (Classic and Sleek) are breathable and swim-friendly. There are no bulky fabrics in the absorbent gusset. Vitals won't get 'filled up' or 'soggy' when immersed in water. Wear a fresh pair every time you get into the water.

3. Where can you swim in Vitals?

Fact: Natural Pools - Low Chlorinated Pools

Because all styles in Vitals have 95% natural fibers, it's best to wear them in natural water bodies. Wearing them in heavily chlorinated pools could shed out the fibers. Vitals are perfect for non-performance based swimming.

4. Can the flow escape into water?

Fact: No. There is little or no flow when in water.

Wear a fresh pair when entering the pool. Once you are out of the water, your flow will continue. Vitals will help absorb that. It is a myth to assume swimming during periods can flood the pool red or pollute it for others. 

5. Can disease spread through water?

Fact: Nope. Not a chance.

Blood cannot sustain in water. Blood-borne diseases can only transmit through blood, sex or pregnancy. Scientifically blood compounds burst, shrivel or get inactive in water. Hence, disease cannot spread.

Now, who’s ready to dive in? 🏊‍♀️


More questions? Send an email to team@hervitals.co.nz

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