Using Vitals leakproof underwear during periods

Leakproof undies are one of the best inventions of the last few decades and yes, all these years of using just disposable pads and tampons can make most of us -confused-excited-clueless about period underwear. 

So here are all the questions we get asked about the Vitals period wear. 

What are period undies?

They are leakproof underwear worn during your flow days, either for periods or general bladder leakage. Vitals are built with leakproof tech comprised of natural, breathable materials that wick, absorb and retain your flow without any leakage. They are meant to be worn without any pads, tampons or cups. Yes, you bleed/flow directly into the underwear and Vitals will take care of this rest. 

How to use them?

You wear them directly like your casual underwear and you get on. That's all really. But yes, there is a care guide below.

Care guide

After getting started with reusable period wear most of the users develop their own washing routine depending on their ease. But the basic guide is to rinse the underwear in shower/sink till the water runs clear. Add them to the machine with your normal laundry (Use a mesh bag to make your undies last longer). Air-dry or dry them on your heated towel racks. Do not use a tumble dryer, excess heat can damage your leakproof wear. 

How much flow can Vitals hold?

Vitals can hold up to 3-5 super tampons worth depending on their style. Our heavy flow undies can take up to 40mls or 5 super tampons worth while our medium flow undies take up to 25mls or 3 super tampons worth of flow.

Are there any toxins in Vitals?

No. We have taken great care in our material choices. All our materials are certified Standard 100 by OEKO TEX. They are absolutely safe as per human and ecological concerns.

Is period underwear hygienic?

Absolutely! It's a myth to assume something so natural like menstrual blood being unhygienic. This roots to assuming that reusing period products is 'unsanitary'. It's not. Period blood is a composition of tissue lining, muscle and teamed up with blood which gets eliminated every month when the egg is unfertilised.

Reusable period wear, like period underwear and cloth pads, are designed to soak up menstrual fluids and retain the moisture with no leaks. After a good wash and dry, the sediments leave through the materials.

If you are worried that period blood may carry disease. It cannot. The blood goes inactive/dead when it comes in contact with water and outside environment. Contrary to the common belief, blood borne diseases can only pass through blood like a cut, pregnancy, blood transfusion etc. 

All the materials used in Vitals are natural and breathable, so it's way better on you and the planet compared to bleeding through synthetic coated disposable pads and tampons. 

Do period undies smell?

No. All the fabrics used in Vitals are breathable and allow airflow, this makes them odour resistant and comfortable. There are no synthetic fragrances coated on the Vitals. It's a misconception that periods smell bad because widely used disposable pads and tampons are coated with synthetic fragrances or made with unbreathable plastic materials  which trap airflow leading to odour.  

What sizes do you cater to?

Vitals range from an XS to a 6XL, with a range of flow and style options to suit your needs.  

Can I swim in Vitals during my periods?

You totally can. Vitals Originals are breathable and swim-friendly period wear. There are no bulky fabrics like in the absorbent gusset. Vitals won't get ‘filled up' or 'soggy' when immersed in water. Wear a fresh pair every time you get into the water. Read more here.

Do I need to wear Vitals with a pad/tampon/cup?

All Vitals are designed to be worn solo as per your flow. Just change into a new pair when you need to. If you are wearing medium flow undies, you can pair it up with other period products. Heavy flow undies are most comfortable when worn solo. 

How many undies do I need to cover my period?

We suggest a maximum of 8 mixed flow period undies to even the heaviest bleeders for a seamless period cycle without any pressing laundry needs. You may need less if you can wash and dry more often or have a light/medium flow. We have curated packs available for all your needs. 

How often do I need to wash my Vitals undies?

It’s best to rinse them right after use. Follow up with a hand wash or cold machine wash with a gentle detergent after a rinse. If you'd like to run a wash with all your cycle's period undies, then rinse and dry immediately after use and add all your used undies to the laundry at the end of the cycle. Or if you have full period packs (6+ period undies) then throw your used ones into a bag and pre-soak all the undies together after your cycle followed by regular wash. 

Can vaginal discharge bleach the undies?

Yes, and it’s normal. Vaginal discharge is usually acidic. If your discharge is highly acidic, undies do get bleached. A quick tip is to avoid wearing undies for longer than 24 hours when menstruating. Stay hydrated to keep your body's pH normal. Bleaching does not affect your period underwear's performance.

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