Celebrating nature by cutting crude, one weave at a time.

Let's start with a fact

Recent studies state that 64.2% of clothing fiber currently consumed by our world is synthetic.  Synthetic - stuff that’s made from crude oil aka petroleum.  The main culprit which has been causing planetary wreckage with the adverse effects of climate change. Synthetic fabrics go by many names like polyester, nylon, microfiber, acrylic, polar fleece to name some and sneakily hide under most of the things we currently use. They not only release 4x emissions during manufacturing compared to natural materials, synthetics also take approximately a century and more to degrade on their own. They can only be incinerated (burnt) or buried in the landfills at the end of life. Both practices involve toxic emissions being released either into the air or the soil.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. Nature has given us all the resources that we will ever need and it’s about time we make our products have little to no environmental impact.

Choices matter.

As a business we are constantly evaluating our choices, holding ourselves accountable and aiming to innovate better for our planet. Our top priorities include the following

1. Innovate alongside nature.
2. Reduce our environmental impact.
3. Pair great design with ultimate comfort.

All our priorities have paved our ways to keep choosing and redesign the yarn with natural materials.

There is a reason why Vitals feel so good

What's inside matters and also one of the reasons why our customers come back for more. Check out all the materials inside Vitals.

Bamboo Jersey

Used in the body of the period underwear, this fabric is proven to be both comfortable on the skin and good for the environment.

Due to its durability, each period wear can up to two years if taken care of well. It is breathable, soft, and smooth Its moisture wicking properties keeps you dry by drawing moisture or sweat from your skin, along with its natural antibacterial properties.

High Grade Cotton Jersey

Due to its highly absorbent properties, high grade cotton jersey is used in the top gusset of the period underwear. It's derived from the fluffy coverings of seed pods.

Cultivated without using agricultural pollutants, this cotton is highly biodegradable. It is also easy to clean, and doesn’t release any odors, hence the obvious choice for Vitals gusset.

VitalX™, 100% natural fabric blend

Used in the mid gusset of the period underwear, we use our proprietary mix of pure bamboo and cotton. These materials help further lock in all your flows.


Used around the trims of Vitals underwear, this material accounts for less than 5% of the product in our overall range. This synthetic material is made of one or more layers of polymer resins infused together with urethane links. PU lasts long and does not crack or wear down too easily. 

Pure Ribbed Cotton

Our casual range and cotton pads are specially weaved using 100% organic cotton for comfort and breathability. This pure cotton is harvested through natural farming techniques, processed and made in the rural South India.

We’re Plastic Neutral!

We offset the essential synthetics we use in our product trims and operations by offsetting thrice of this volume by funding coastal recycling projects through Plastic Bank. With every purchase of Vitals, you make the conscious decision to support ethical collection and recycling of plastic in coastal communities.

A Pack That Bares It All

Your order comes in courier bags made from kraft paper, so they are fully compostable and recyclable. Products come with naked packaging with just hang tags and are wrapped in acid-free recyclable tissue paper.

Are you ready to join us? 🌱