Vitals are fully crafted for comfort and durability from premium grade natural materials like bamboo, cotton and natural rubber. Simply put, they are great for you and our planet.

Renewable Fabrics

More than 95% of Vitals fabric content is made from natural and renewable fabrics for better health for you and the planet.

We make long lasting products to reduce the life cycle impact.
Reducing emissions

Offsetting our emissions with Native Energy to bring environmental and social regeneration.
Synthetic Neutral

We fund initiatives with the Plastic bank to keep plastic waste away from our oceans.

From a story

Reliable, natural period underwear and everyday essentials for NZ

Who we are.

We started with a humble goal, make a range of everyday essentials from the finest natural materials that are comfortable on you and our planet. Vitals is an NZ-owned business and we make casual underwear and leakproof underwear for periods and incontinence.

We ship to rural and urban locations across New Zealand, as well as to Australia and internationally. 

What we do best.


We made comfiest everyday essentials made from 100% organic cotton and natural rubber elastic. Compostable at the end of life. These breathable underwear keep you dry from sweat and everyday discharges.

Our leak proof, multi-use briefs are perfect for periods, bladder leaks and incontinence. Built with natural, breathable fabrics like bamboo and cotton, and teamed with leak proof absorbable tech, Vitals can hold all flows through out the day. We have a range of styles like Bikini, Cheekini, Classic, Hipster and High Waist, for both medium and heavy flow.  So there's truly something for any flow and any body.

Comfort meets sustainability.

Vitals are known for their durability and reliability. We made the best design decisions and natural material choices that you can experience once you put on any pair of Vitals underwear.

Our products are designed for all ages (teens, seniors and everyone in between) Vitals are designed to move with you, so you can run, swim, work and keep reigning like usual.