Essential Vitals made better.

Underwear that's crafted for comfort and durability from premium grade natural materials like bamboo, cotton and natural rubber. In short, they are great for you and our planet.

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Reliable, natural period underwear and everyday essentials for NZ

Who we are.

We started with a humble goal, make a range of everyday essentials from the finest natural materials that are comfortable on you and our planet. Vitals is an NZ-owned business and we make casual underwear and leakproof underwear for periods and incontinence.

What we do best.

Comfortable, reliant and breathable briefs for all your flows on all days. Made better with natural materials and responsible ethos to make it the best choice for you and our environment. Our products include sustainable underwear for everyday, period underwear, underwear for bladder leaks and incontinence.

Comfort meets sustainability.

Vitals are known for their durability and reliability. We made the best design decisions and natural material choices that you can experience while wearing any pair of Vitals underwear. Our products are designed for all ages (teens, seniors and everyone in between) Vitals are designed to move with you, so you can run, swim, work and keep reigning like usual.