Frequently Asked Questions

Leakproof Range

They are a comfortable and a sustainable option that replaces disposable incontinence and menstrual pads and tampons. Washable and reusable, they can be worn alone or with other products for leak protection.

We paired comfort and style with fabric technology to keep you fresh and dry around the clock.

Our leakproof range of undies are a layered panel of fabrics bound together with a leak-resistant finish. The slim, absorbent gusset covers right up the back of your underwear, holding up to an impressive 40mls of flow!

1. For incontinence, we suggest you hand wash the underwear’s gusset right after use. For periods, we recommend to wash it under a running tap until the water is clear.

2. Machine wash or hand wash later with mild soap.

3. Hang dry or tumble dry at low settings.

4. Please use a laundry mesh bag if you are using a washing machine or a tumble dryer.

Absorbency coverage is the part of underwear that is leak resistant.

Bikini styles: From the public bone in the front to all the way back till the waistband. 

Short and Brief styles: End to end coverage from the waistband at the front to all the way back. 

All styles are suitable for front bleeders and tummy sleepers. Full back leakproof finish is standard for all styles which makes them all suitable for incontinence depending on the flow capacity.

Heavy flow styles:
Absorbency capacity = 40mls or 5-6 super tampons worth.
Absorbency rate = 2.25 ml/s

Medium flow styles:
Absorbency capacity = 25mls or 3-4 super tampons worth.
Absorbency rate = 2.49ml/s

Heavy flow range:

Body: Bamboo Jersey
Top Gusset: Cotton Jersey
Mid Gusset: VitalX™, 100% natural absorbency blend (Vegan, Non-Toxic)
Trims+ Accessories+ Blend: Eco-PU

Medium flow range:

Body: Bamboo Jersey
Gussets: Cotton Jersey
Trims+ Accessories+ Blend: Eco-PU

We do not use animal derived fabrics like Merino wool or crude oil derived synthetics like Microfiber, Nylon, Polyester or Polar fleece in our absorbency cores as these fabrics are associated to cause poor odour and rashes.


Absolutely! All the materials used in Vitals are breathable, so there is never going to be any bacteria accumulation after a good wash. It is incomparably safer and gentler on the body than using synthetic coated pads and tampons. All the materials are breathable, hence there will be no odours after a good wash and dry. 

All the materials used are breathable and plant-based wherever your skin touches. We have taken great care in our material choices. All our materials are certified Standard 100 by OEKO TEX. They are absolutely safe as per human and ecological concerns.

Yes, and it’s normal for some people. Vaginal discharge is usually acidic. If your discharge is highly acidic, undies do get bleached. A quick tip is to avoid wearing undies for longer than 24 hours when menstruating. Stay hydrated to keep your body's pH normal. Bleaching does not affect your leakproof underwear's performance.

Our medium flow range, both Sleek and Classic are swim friendly. Read more on swimming with Vitals here.

We have designed two bags that make period routine easier at any instance.

Our Fresh n Dry bag supports changing used undies anywhere. It is built in with separate odour-proof pouches to store used and fresh undies anywhere.

We also designed a Portable Load washer to support washing undies during camping, hiking or anywhere else. Our washer bag doesn’t need electricity or excess water. Just soak-shake-squeeze after adding used undies into the bag with some water and soap. Repeat the cycle with fresh water and dry!


We suggest going for low-rise, cheeky styles like SleekBikini and Cheekini. Most teens are comfortable in these styles as they are familiar with these styles already. If your teen prefers hipster or a boy leg style briefs we suggest our full coverage styles like Hipster and Classic.

Teen favourites include familiar low-rise styles like Shorts, Sleek, Bikini and Cheekini.

For boyleg or hipster style, choose our full coverage styles like Classic, Highwaist or Hipster.

Here's a comparison of standard teen sizes (AU/NZ) and Vitals Sizes:

Size 10-12 = Vitals Size 6/XS

Size 12-14 = Vitals Size 8 / S

Size 14-16 = Vitals Size 10 / M

Size 16-18 = Vitals Size 12 / L

All our styles follow standard brief sizing. We suggest choosing styles depending on the body type via our guide

A pack of 6 undies will keep them covered for a full cycle of 5 days for a light bleeder. A pack of 8 undies would be enough for a medium - heavy bleeder for a full cycle. We suggest buying in packs if they are new to period underwear. 


Yes! Vitals are suitable for mild incontinence or for people with bladder/bowel control. However, they can be used for support for people with no bladder control too.

We suggest going for our medium flow range - Sleek or Classic. These styles are quite slim and pass as your everyday underwear.

If you would need more support than the medium flow range can offer, we suggest going for any styles from our heavy flow range.  Full brief styles come with full leak proof coverage styles like the Hipster, Shorts and the High waist. Our heavy flow Bikini and Cheekini are low waisted and have optimal front leak proof coverage and full back coverage. 

All our styles have full leak proof coverage at the back. Choose the absorbency level as per your need. Vitals are suitable for mild incontinence or for people with weak control and not suitable for people with no bladder/bowel control.

Vitals are only suitable for mild incontinence or for people with weak bladder/bowel control. They are not recommended as a full solution for people with no bladder/bowel control. However, they can be used for support along with other products for staying leakproof.

Sustainability & Impact

Leakproof range:

95% of the materials used in Vitals underwear and accessories are bio-degradable. The rest of the 5% is made up of Eco-PU which can be used in trims like elastics, stitching thread and leakproof layer. PU is used for durability and making the product leakproof. We offset this plastic under our plastic neutral scheme with Plastic Bank.

Cotton Casuals:

100% of the fabric is biodegradable. The elastic is a blend of natural rubber and small parts of polymer. You can add these fabrics to your compost for non-yielding purposes.

We offset the essential synthetics we use in our product trims and operations by offsetting thrice of this volume by funding coastal recycling projects through Plastic Bank.

We are conscious of the materials used, and hence choose to offset what we cannot avoid. Vitals are rated best amongst our customers for quality and durability which are important when considering to make the best eco investment for products.

We keep it as minimal as possible You receive your order in courier bags made from kraft paper, so they are fully compostable and recyclable. The products themselves are packed in naked packaging with just hang tags that are wrapped in acid-free recyclable tissue paper.