Portable Load Washer

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Clean dirty laundry fast no matter where you are. Wash away scrubs or small loads efficiently with less water and no power.  Just Soak-Shake-Dry for fresh laundry. Double it up as a dry sack to store your wet stuff or use it as a pillow bag by blowing air through the air valve to store delicate items.

Materials: Eco-Nylon (check out our environmental standards for more)

Capacity: 10L

  • Portable and travel friendly. 
  • Drain valve to fill/empty water. Easy and mess free rinse and soaks anywhere.
  • Blow valve to fill air into the bag to store fragile items.
  • Store wet/dirty loads during travelling or as a waterproof bag to protect valuables. 

Suitable for:

  • Discreet washing for incontinence/period underwear or reusable nappies.
  • Portable washing for small loads in your next travel trips.
  • Soak washing mini loads and delicates without power or excess water. 

Super absorbent

Leakproof yet breathable

Better with a bamboo body

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