Materials that matter

Celebrating nature by cutting crude, one weave at a time.

Let’s start with a fact. Recent studies state that 64.2% of clothing fiber currently consumed by our world is synthetic.  Synthetic - stuff that’s made from crude oil aka petroleum.  The main culprit which has been causing planetary wreckage with the adverse effects of climate change. Synthetic fabrics go by many names like polyester, nylon, microfiber, acrylic, polar fleece to name some and sneakily hide under most of the things we currently use. They not only release 4x emissions during manufacturing compared to natural materials, synthetics also take approximately a century and more to degrade on their own. They can only be incinerated (burnt) or buried in the landfills at the end of life. Both practices involve toxic emissions being released either into the air or the soil.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. Nature has given us all the resources that we will ever need and it’s about time we make our products have little to no environmental impact.

Make it go circular.
Make it emission free.

As a business we are constantly evaluating our choices, holding ourselves accountable and aiming to innovate better for our planet. Our top priorities include the following 1. Innovate alongside nature 2. Reduce our environmental impact 3. Pair great design with ultimate comfort.

All our priorities have paved our ways to keep choosing and redesign the yarn with natural materials.

What’s inside matters.

Natural materials release just 1/4th of the emissions released by synthetic counterparts like polyester, nylon etc. That's the reason why 24 in 25 parts of Vitals are made from natural materials for durability, comfort and sustainability. The remaining 1 part accounts for the essential synthetic components that are used. We offset these essential synthetics or Eco-PU used in our product trims and operations by offsetting thrice of this volume by funding coastal recycling projects through The Plastic Bank.

Vitals Leakproof underwear for Periods and Incontinence: 

Here are our OEKO-TEX certified fabric blends for this collection:

Bamboo viscose: 95% bamboo and 5% elastane
High grade cotton: 95% cotton and 5% elastane
VitalX™ absorbency core: 100% blend of cotton and bamboo
Trims and accessories: Eco-PU

Pure cotton underwear for everyday comfort:

Our fabrics for this collection are harvested, processed and manufactured in India. Cotton is sourced from farms using natural and polyculture farming techniques. Here are the materials used:

Organic cotton: 100% cotton 
Trims and accessories: Eco-PU (accounts to <5% of content)


Fresh n Dry bag:
100% cotton canvas body
Trims and accessories: Eco-PU

Portable Wash bag: 100% Eco-PU

Vitals gunny: 100% Jute