Travel Wash Bag - Vitals-Period-Undies-NZ
Travel Wash Bag - Vitals-Period-Undies-NZ
Travel Wash Bag - Vitals-Period-Undies-NZ
Travel Wash Bag - Vitals-Period-Undies-NZ
Travel Wash Bag - Vitals-Period-Undies-NZ
Travel Wash Bag - Vitals-Period-Undies-NZ
Travel Wash Bag - Vitals-Period-Undies-NZ

Portable Load Washer

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Natural Materials
We choose unblended, pure natural fibers where we can. Our leakproof range consists of 100% natural absorbency gussets and 95% natural body contents. Our pure cotton range consists of 100% organic cotton and natural rubber derived from natural farming in South India. We do not use crude oil derived synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester except for our trims which account to 5% of the total product volume and are offset with our synthetic neutrality scheme. All our fabrics are certified by OEKO TEX.

Synthetic Neutral
24 in 25 parts of Vitals are made from natural materials. We offset the essential synthetics we use in our product trims and operations by offsetting thrice of this volume by funding costal recycling projects through The Plastic Bank.

Our underwear comes naked with hangtags in compostable courier bags. Packs will be wrapped in acid-free recyclable tissue paper. Do not yank or pull the hangtags on the underwear, this may cause damage. 

Clean dirty laundry fast no matter where you are. Just Soak-Shake-Dry for fresh laundry.

Wash away scrubs or small loads efficiently with less water and no power. Double it up as a dry sack to store your wet stuff or use it as a pillow bag by blowing air through the air valve to store delicate items.

Materials: Eco-Nylon (synthetic neutral by supporting Plastic Bank's initiatives to recycle coastal plastic litter)

Capacity: 10L


  • Portable and travel friendly.¬†
  • Drain valve to fill/empty water. Easy and mess free rinse and soaks anywhere.
  • Blow valve to fill air into the bag to store fragile items.
  • Store wet/dirty loads during travelling or as a waterproof bag to protect valuables.¬†

Suitable for:

  • Portable¬†washing for small loads in your next travel trips.
  • Discreet washing for incontinence/period underwear or reusable nappies.
  • Soak washing mini loads and delicates without power or excess water.¬†

Leakproof wear that delivers more that you expect.

Incredibly comfortable.

Cosy cuts and fabrics made to feel like second skin.

Soft waistbands.

Bands that hug you right and move with you.

Light and breathable.

Lighweight, leakproof yet fully breathable.

Renewable fabrics.

Made from natural materials like bamboo and cotton.

Super Absorbent.

Vitals are built in with moisture wicking natural fabrics that are fast absorbing to keep you leakproof all day long.

Leakproof and lean all the way.

Built to be leakproof from end to end, Vitals keeps you away from leaks from all sides. Lean, breathable and made to make you feel extra comfortable on all days.

Multi-purpose protection for all.

Vitals are trusted by kiwis of all ages for periods, postpartum, incontinence, bladder/bowel related illnesses and rest-cure.

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