Sustainability at Vitals

As advocates for reusability, we wanted to create a comfortable and lucrative way to reduce period waste. After a few years of research and planning, Vitals was born. We started selling our original period underwear with just two styles out of our small Auckland garage in 2020 and quickly expanded to meet the needs of our amazing customers, with a focus on health and sustainability. We have handpicked styles that are both comfortable and functional for all ages, flows and bodies. Today, Vitals caters to a wide range of customers with periods, incontinence, bowel conditions and rest-cure illnesses.

Our mission
Vitals mission is to bring high quality, long lasting basics that have an overall positive impact on you and our planet.

Our stuff
As a business, we have choices to make at every stage, so we promised to make educated choices that are a few shades greener.

+We make most of everything from low-impact natural materials.

+Our supply chains are short. We manufacture where our material is harvested.

+Our fabric wastage is repurposed because natural materials hold more recyclable value in production.

+We only sell hand picked styles to keep our production slow and less wasteful.

+With a world filled with fast fashion brands, we chose to be slow fashion and special in quality.

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Our sustainable practices
Synthetic offsetting by funding coastal recycling projects.
24 in 25 parts of Vitals are made from natural materials. We offset the essential synthetics we use in our product trims and operations by offsetting thrice of this volume by funding coastal recycling projects through The Plastic Bank.

Cutting carbon emissions.
As a business, we constantly evaluate our choices, hold ourselves accountable, and aim to innovate better for our planet. Vitals functionality and life cycle will last longer than most mainstream brands, and this compensates for the carbon emitted during the production. As of today, we cut our emissions for shipping and material emissions based on OEKO-TEX research data. In the near future, we aim to develop an internal life cycle tool to calculate CO2, H20, and resources more intricately.

Packaging that doesn't last forever.
Vitals come naked with hang tags in recyclable and compostable courier bags. Packs will be wrapped in acid-free recyclable tissue paper.

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